Welcome To The Sensory Courtyard
where . . .

This project has been approved, and is supported by FREMONT PUBLIC SCHOOLS
This project is funded by donations through the FREMONT PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOUNDATION

Imagine natures most beautiful forest . . . without colors to see . . . without sounds to hear . . . without fragrances to smell . . . without natural nourishment to taste . . . or without abounding textures to feel.

                                                  Can it still be called a forest? 

Those among us for whom this imaginary forest is real, may at last experience the natural performance of the five senses in the SENSORY  COURTYARD  . . .

Join us on our journey to make the SENSORY  COURTYARD a reality  . . . lifting a veil of the senses for all . . . and especially for those who may not be able to do so for themselves.
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